"It is time for humanity to remember the magic, to remember how it was to live more closely with nature. It is time for humanity to remember that all plants have magic and that plants offer a point of interaction between divine consciousness and the physical body". Tea Plant

Tea Gung Day

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"Taken mindfully and respectfully and in relationship with me, I can help you to liberate yourself from what has been holding you back. I am an agent that clears past lives and helps outmoded patterns to be released on cellular level and this is why I have been long associated with health and healing and considered a tonic but it is more than just physical wellness I offer, I offer the ability to bring soul more fully into body so that soul might rest in body." Tea Plant

"We are all light, we are all one, we are all a dance of light and as we dance, we change and grow and evolve and ascend. But first there is the dance....so come dance with me". Tea Plant

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